About Us

GraycoreSoftware originated as a personal project based on my desire to learn how to program a game. Initially written in C, I eventually moved to C++, and completed programming in C#. My first game, "Terra Aegrus", took us an exceedingly long time to complete, due both to the laborious process of learning, as well as the fact we are essentially a two man operation; myself, the sole developer, and Zhebb, in charge of the graphics. We received invaluable assistance from our friends, who helped us with sound effects, music, building our website, as well as debugging the trouble spots we ran into along the way. We hope you enjoy our game and appreciate all the hard work we've dedicated to completing our first mission. -Zander-

Contact Information

Zander@GrayCoreSoftware.com: Contact Zander on all matters technical or busines. Zander is the lead programmer and designer, so any questions on the games please contact this person.

Contacting my Minions

If you wish to contact any of the artists or musicians that helped me, feel free to drop me an email and I'll give you their contact information. -Zander-